Nautilus Elliptical Equipment Review


Nautilus Elliptical Equipment Review


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Nautilus is a fitness equipment corporation that sells products under several brand names including Bowflex, Nautilus, Schwinn, Trimline, Universal and Pearl iZumi. Nautilus has been around for over 30
years but only became a corporation in 1986.

Recently, the Nautilus brand reputation and quality has taken a hit due to a lackluster
product line and internal corporate disputes. However, the company continues to offer exercise fitness equipment, including elliptical machines,
as it attempts to regain a foothold within the fitness equipment industry.

The Nautilus E514 elliptical machine includes a well-constructed and smooth biomechanical design. Additional features include 17 exercise programs, an integrated Polar heart rate system, an electronically controlled magnetic resistance system, and a cooling fan.

Currently, the selection of Nautilus elliptical
machines is limited and includes a minimal number
of user options and features. This being said, the Nautilus elliptical machines are a middle-of-the-road elliptical machine that is reasonably priced when
compared to similar elliptical machines manufactured by their competition.

All in all, the Nautilus elliptical machine is reasonably sturdy and designed for light to moderate use. The technology used in the construction is moderately current and offers an adequate level of user features.

To this end, the Nautilus elliptical machine is ideal for individuals who are looking for an average elliptical that is reasonably priced and designed to offer years of service.


  • Smaller than Average Footprint


  • Questionable Build Quality
  • Below Average Warranty
  • Limited Number of Models

Rating Criteria


Nautilus elliptical machines are front drive elliptical machines. For this reason, the dimensions are slightly smaller than those of the average elliptical machine. The Nautilus E514 elliptical machine model
uses a magnetic resistance system with a poly-v
belt drive. The E514 front drive model also includes
an LED display and EKG Grip Pulse handles for heart rate monitoring.


The Nautilus E514 elliptical machine includes
17 workout programs and 16 resistance levels. Your heart rate can be monitored via the EKG Pulse hand-grips or with a wireless chest band monitor. The front drive
E514 model features a slightly more condensed design than most other front or rear drive systems, making it about a foot shorter than a standard elliptical.


Part of the recent downfall of the Nautilus Corporation is due to the decline in machine build quality. The overall construction and design
for the NE and EV model series is questionable, particularly the NE models which have dubious frame durability. The newest Nautilus elliptical machine model, the E514, is Nautilus’ first step in their attempt to recapture a more consistent
build quality, and is affordably priced in the mid $ 700.00 range.

Customer Support

Nautilus offers direct customer support via
telephone and email. Additionally, service and
sales support is offered by authorized Nautilus dealers. You can contact the company directly to
request assistance in locating an authorized dealer near to you.


Older Nautilus models come with a 10-year frame warranty and a 1-year parts warranty. The newest
E514 model differs by including a 2-year parts warranty, a 1-year electronics warranty, and a 6-month wear components
warranty on top of the 10 year frame warranty.

Parts and Service

All parts and service warranty claims must be performed directly through Nautilus or through an authorized dealer. If you live in a rural area
outside of the company’s normal service regions, you may be charged a trip fee for in-home warranty
service. The time frame for service will depend on
your geographical location.


Nautilus’ newest model, the E514, can be purchased for approximately $ 750 making it a primary
competitor to the Schwinn, Fuel Fitness and Pro
Form series of price-conscious elliptical machines.

When comparing the various elliptical
manufactures in this price category, choosing one over the other may come
down to available discounts, personal preferences,
user options and features and warranty support.


Nautilus manufactures a “middle-of-the-road” elliptical machine that is priced affordably when compared to to competition. The Nautilus elliptical machines offer a reasonable number of user options and features and are built for light to moderate use.

Ultimately, only time will tell if the new Nautilus elliptical machines are manufactured with an improved level of quality. However, to date, the reviews have been respectable and the E514 elliptical machine has performed well.

To this end, Nautilus has decided to narrow their focus in terms of elliptical models, and compete
within the sub-$ 1,000.00 elliptical machine market. This being said, it is worth the time to evaluate the other manufacturers of elliptical machines within this price range.

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