Native Remedies Nutritional Supplement Review


Native Remedies Nutritional Supplement Review


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Native Remedies is an all-natural nutritional supplement company specializing in herbal remedies. The company was founded by Adrienne, George and Dean Luntz, a family who was inspired by their young relative’s struggle with ADHD. They became interested in ways to treat ADHD and other disorders without the harmful side effects associated with pharmaceuticals; ultimately leading them to the creation of Native Remedies.

Today, Native Remedies is a prominent herbal remedy manufacturer (not just a “retailer”) that has sold products to over 500,000 customers around the world.

The Native Remedies product catalog contains over 250 nutritional supplements and skin care products designed to address a variety of health concerns and conditions. The products are divided into categories such as Child Health, Psychological, Weight Management, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Seniors’ Health, Body and Physical, General Health, Pregnancy and Conception, Travel Health and Mom and Baby. Each individual product comes complete with a detailed overview, ingredients list, benefits description, usage guidelines and testimonials, making it easy to compare the supplements before choosing the one that best meets your needs.

As a company, Native Remedies maintains a firm commitment to customer satisfaction. They offer friendly 24/7 customer support via phone, fax and email, and run an “Ask Our Experts” email service for those with any questions regarding the herbal remedies. In addition, Native Remedies offers one of the best return policies in the nutritional supplement industry: 1-year, used or unused products, full refund minus shipping and handling.


    • All nutritional supplements manufactured in house.
    • Affordable pricing thanks to “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” offer.
    • 250+ herbal remedies.
    • GMP-certified manufacturing process.
    • Large amount of positive testimonials.
    • Well-organized website.


    • Free shipping only available through a subscription service.
    • Size of product range may be overwhelming for some.


Many online all-natural nutritional supplement retailers simply resell products manufactured by others, or sell a few house-made supplements alongside a larger selection of third-party supplements. Native Remedies takes a unique approach and manufactures all of the products they sell, a daunting task considering the sheer number of products (approximately 250) contained in the Native Remedies catalog. This allows Native Remedies to control every step of the process, from the initial research and ingredient sourcing to encasing and packaging the supplements. As such, Native Remedies is able to maintain higher levels of quality and consistency in comparison to many other all-natural nutritional supplement retailers.

Native Remedies utilizes a “full spectrum,” whole-herb manufacturing process that is much different from the “standardized extraction” process chosen by some nutritional supplement manufacturers. Standardized extraction uses harsh, potentially harmful chemicals and solvents to extract the herbs’ natural ingredients for medicinal use. Although this allows manufacturers to more precisely control the relative amounts of the active ingredients in a supplement, it increases the chances of side effects and incorporates portions of herbs that may not be fit for human consumption, such as the poisonous seeds of the Gingko biloba plant.

By using a more traditional whole-herb manufacturing process instead of standardized extraction, Native Remedies is able to create nutritional supplements that take a holistic approach to improving your health. The supplements work quickly to alleviate their intended symptoms while treating the source of the condition and preventing future health issues. All of this can be accomplished without side effects (in the vast majority of cases) using the natural nutritional supplements from Native Remedies.


Native Remedies insists on using only the safest and most effective all-natural ingredients in all of their herbal nutritional supplements. The ingredients are raw, laboratory-tested and free of additives such as artificial colors, gluten, preservatives and flavoring. Whenever possible, the company chooses wild-crafted (organic) ingredients as a way of showing respect to the environment, encouraging sustainable growing operations and maximizing health benefits for the consumer. The high quality ingredients utilized by Native Remedies are combined specifically to create the most powerful therapeutic effects possible.

Native Remedies maintains the integrity of their herbal ingredients by manufacturing their nutritional supplements in GMP-certified facilities. GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice, is a set of guidelines employed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designed to control the quality of nutritional supplements. The manufacturing process is constantly overseen by Native Remedies’ team of pharmacists, herbalists, homeopaths and naturopaths.

Each product listed on the Native Remedies website includes a full list of ingredients, along with a brief description of each ingredient. The ingredients list also describes why each ingredient was included in a given herbal remedy, and how that ingredient helps to achieve the remedy’s intended purpose.

Clinical Studies and Research

As with the products available from virtually all all-natural nutritional supplement manufacturers and retailers, the individual supplements sold by Native Remedies have not been clinically tested. However, most of the ingredients used in Native Remedies supplements have undergone clinical testing. These clinical studies are cited under each ingredient listed on all of the Native Remedies product pages. You’ll see the names of the study’s authors, as well as the name of the medical article in which the study was published. Native Remedies excels in this area, as most nutritional supplement retailers fail to provide this sort of information on their websites.

Native Remedies conducts signifiant research when formulating their herbal remedies. The company utilizes documented data regarding traditional medicine in combination with the results of clinical studies in order to choose the ingredients used in their products, as well as the relative quantities of each. This allows Native Remedies to produce the safest and most effective supplements possible.


The effectiveness of the herbal remedies and nutritional supplements sold by Native Remedies can be determined by viewing the Testimonials page found in the site’s top navigation menu. Here, you’ll find a list of all of the products sold by Native Remedies. Clicking on a product will reveal its relevant testimonials. Although the effectiveness of Native Remedies nutritional supplements will vary depending on a number of factors (the makeup of your entire supplement regimen, the severity of the condition you’re attempting to treat, your body’s reaction to the supplement itself, etc.), the testimonials make it apparent that the supplements are indeed effective.

Native Remedies also offers one- to five-star user review ratings on their individual product pages. This allows you to get some additional insight into the effectiveness of a particular product, beyond what’s available in the larger Testimonials area.

Customer Support

Customer support at Native Remedies is offered 24/7 through several channels, including email, toll-free phone, fax and standard mail. If your question directly concerns one or more of the nutritional supplements sold by Native Remedies, click the Ask Our Experts link in the site’s top navigation menu and fill out the email form that appears. Native Remedies’ team of homeopaths, naturopaths and herbalists will be happy to answer any questions regarding usage, dosage and product recommendations based on your specific needs.

Native Remedies strives to answer all email support inquiries within one business day. General inquiries may be sent to, while order status inquiries should be directed to Native Remedies is known for offering friendly customer support and answering all questions thoroughly.

Product Return Policy

Native Remedies offers a 1-year money back guarantee on all of the nutritional supplements they sell. The company requests that you try a given product for no less than 30 days before determining whether to send it back, due to the fact that most herbal remedies and all-natural nutritional supplements require at least a month of use before taking noticeable effect.

Although the Native Remedies 1-year return policy is among the longest in the nutritional supplement industry, there are a few conditions of which you should be aware:

  • All return orders are subject to a full refund, minus shipping and handling.
  • Return orders with a value of $200 or greater are also subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  • Used and unused products are acceptable, though they must be shipped in their original containers.
  • You must send the return shipment prepaid via USPS, and include your invoice number as well as your name.


Native Remedies offers a moderately priced product line that’s comparable to what you’d find at most online all-natural herbal remedy retailers. You can lower your costs significantly by taking advantage of Native Remedies’ “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” offer. This offer applies to all of the products sold by company, and makes Native Remedies’ pricing extremely affordable relative to the competition. Of course, the caveat is that you’ll need to purchase at least two bottles of each product you’re seeking, which may be problematic for those who wish to try a new supplement for the first time without committing to a bulk order.

You can also receive discounts from Native Remedies by clicking the Product Specials link found in the bottom navigation menu of the website, or by subscribing to the Native Remedies newsletter which contains regular product promotions.

Native Remedies charges a flat rate of $5.95 for standard shipping and $9.95 for 2-day shipping. You’ll receive free shipping on all orders processed through the Native Remedies EasyShip program, in which the same orders are shipped on a regular periodic basis. The EasyShip program is ideal for those who wish to receive the same supplements indefinitely.


Native Remedies is an ideal online destination for herbal nutritional supplements of all kinds. The company researches, develops and manufactures all of the products they sell, ensuring high levels of quality, safety and consistency across the entire product line. This is even more impressive given the size of the product line itself; with over 250 herbal supplements available, you’d be hard pressed to find a health issue that Native Remedies doesn’t address.

Native Remedies’ nutritional supplements are not only safe and effective, but affordable as well. Although the price of ordering a single bottle is in line with what you’d expect from an all-natural nutritional supplement company, deep discounts are available: a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” offer applies to all product purchases, and free shipping is available for those who schedule regular periodic shipments of the same products.

If you ever encounter a problem with Native Remedies, you’re encouraged to contact their customer support team via email, phone or fax. Representatives are available to address your concerns 24/7, and the 1-year return policy allows you to try before you buy.

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