Life Fitness Elliptical Equipment Review


Life Fitness Elliptical Equipment Review


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Life Fitness is a company branch of the Brunswick Corporation. Life Fitness has been producing residential and commercial fitness equipment for nearly three decades. They pride themselves on manufacturing cardiovascular equipment that is, when compared to their competition, superior in quality, technology, and user features and options.

In fact, Life Fitness has continued to push the technological front by designing the first cardiovascular computerized fitness equipment, providing advancements in treadmill shock absorbers, and several other innovative ideas that have been designed to deliver user comfort, functionality, quality and effectiveness.

Life Fitness elliptical machines have won several awards for excellence in quality and in design over the years. With their in-house biomechanics laboratory, Life Fitness continue to push the cutting edge of fitness equipment technology.

Life Fitness elliptical machines are extremely well-designed and include several user features and options. This being said, Life Fitness elliptical machines are ideal for virtually every residential and commercial application. In addition, all Life Fitness elliptical machines are designed to withstand heavy use.

The Life Fitness brand is a top-tier manufacturer that produces high quality cardiovascular equipment, including treadmills as well as ellipticals, at a reasonable price. While their elliptical machines are priced above the average cost, most users agree that the innovation, quality, and user options and features warrant the price.

Hence, for individuals looking for a high quality elliptical machine that is backed by a strong warranty and will last for years and years, Life Fitness is a solid choice.


  • Excellent Quality
  • Utilizes the Latest Technology
  • Adjustable Stride Feature
  • Natural Flat Stride Motion
  • Excellent Heart Rate Programs


  • Above Average Cost
  • Slightly Larger Footprint

Rating Criteria


Life Fitness is best known for their implementation of quality engineering. All Life Fitness ellipticals are renowned for their low and flat stride motion which is intended to replicate
the normal human biomechanical stride motion.

The reason for their low and flat stride motion
is due to their rear drive system, a configuration that is ergonomically superior when compared to
their competitors’ front drive systems. Several of the Life fitness elliptical machines include an electronic stride adjuster to smoothly alter stride length.

In addition, Life Fitness elliptical machines include flexible pedals that assist in absorbing as
much of the impact as possible. Design engineers
within the Life Fitness lab have developed an elliptical machine that provides a biomechanically-correct motion including handle bars that are perfectly placed, regardless of stride length. Finally, all Life Fitness elliptical machines include one of the quietest resistance systems available today.


Life Fitness elliptical machines include the option to choose between basic and advanced consoles. While most high-end elliptical manufacturers include their advanced console as a standard (and potentially costly) feature, Life Fitness offers their advanced console as an option, allowing their customers the ability to tailor their elliptical machine purchase to their budget.

The Life Fitness elliptical machine advanced console includes 12 preset workout programs plus 2 custom user workouts. The workout programs range from the more traditional options such as hill and
EZ incline training to the more advanced heart rate-dependent workouts that will vary the resistance according to your relative maximum heart range percentage. The individual’s heart rate is monitored via hand-grip heart rate sensors, or by using the chest band that is included with the purchase of a Life Fitness elliptical machine.

The stride length can be electronically adjusted across a range of 18 to 24 inches on the fly to allow for variability in stride motion. The adjustable stride feature allows users to optimize and vary their workouts to ensure that their fitness routines are effective and tailored to their specific physical conditions and/or limitations.


Life Fitness originally started by
manufacturing high quality commercial cardiovascular equipment that was designed to last for decades. Over the years, Life Fitness hase successfully transitioned into
an equipment manufacturer that provides high quality cardiovascular fitness equipment to both the commercial and residential markets.

All Life Fitness elliptical machine frames are constructed from robotically-welded steel. Their higher-end elliptical machines weigh approximately 250 pounds and offer a capacity rating of 400
pounds. In addition, all Life Fitness elliptical machines are constructed with a larger-than-average base to ensure stability and to minimize any vibrations and/or shaking when performing a workout.

Customer Support

The Life Fitness corporation can be contacted directly via telephone or e-mail regarding sales and technical support. The Life Fitness website,, also includes a dealer locator
feature that allows potential customers to
easily locate dealers established in their area.


All Life Fitness elliptical machines include a
lifetime warranty on the frame. Their midrange and high-end X3 & X5 models include an additional 3 year warranty on parts and electronics as well as a 1-year warranty on labor.

The X8 and Club Series Life Fitness elliptical models include a more extensive warranty that
includes 10 years on the resistance system along
with 7 years on parts and electronics

Parts and Service

All Life Fitness elliptical machine parts and service offerings can be located with the assistance of the
Life Fitness customer support system. The Life
Fitness customer support center will be able to
locate a nearby dealer that can order any parts that need replacing, and can perform all servicing that
is covered under the warranty.

In general, Life Fitness dealers will be located
within or near most metropolitan areas. In some cases, an individual may have to drive
a fair distance to reach a Life Fitness dealer that can service their elliptical machine. However, with the level of quality associated with Life Fitness elliptical machines, repairs should be minimal.


The entire range of Life Fitness elliptical machines will range from approximately $ 1,999.00 to $ 3,999.00 in cost. The difference in cost is related to the technology used in the construction of the elliptical machine, the user features and options, and the quality of the materials.

This being said, all Life Fitness elliptical machines are reasonably priced when compared to their competition. In addition, the upper end Life Fitness elliptical models, such as the X8 and their Club Series, are considered to be some of the best elliptical machines available today.

While several professional reviews of the Life Fitness elliptical machines note that the user will be paying a premium for the reputation and brand name, all Life Fitness cardiovascular equipment is time-tested and built to perform for decades even under heavy, aggressive use.


The Life Fitness brand of cardiovascular exercise equipment is a proven equipment line that utilizes the latest technology to construct solid and
reliable exercise equipment that is built to last. To this end, there is no doubt that Life Fitness elliptical machines are of top-tier quality. In addition, all Life Fitness elliptical machines are designed for moderate to heavy use.

All in all, Life Fitness manufactures a high quality elliptical machine that will last for years and provide hours and hours of reliable service. For individuals that are looking for a high quality elliptical machine, Life Fitness is well worth considering. However, the price for a Life Fitness elliptical machine is not cheap and hence, the line will not appeal to everyone.

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