Landice Treadmill Equipment Review


Landice Treadmill Equipment Review


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Since 1967, Landice has been in the business of
manufacturing high quality cardiovascular
exercise equipment and assisting individuals with
determining the correct exercise equipment to achieve their specific health and fitness goals.

In addition to their in-home cardiovascular fitness equipment, Landice has over 40 years of manufacturing experience within the commercial fitness industry, and specializes in providing
highly durable cardiovascular exercise equipment
to fitness centers, health clubs, resorts, rehabilitation centers, and corporate gyms.

Landice is one of the top fitness equipment manufacturers in terms of delivering leading
edge technology products that utilize high end design concepts, innovation, and commercial-grade construction materials. This being said, all Landice treadmills are designed for heavy use and offer a large array of user options and features.

Landice is so confident in their treadmill machines that they offer a “bumper to bumper” lifetime warranty on all of their treadmill models. In addition, Landice allows the individual who purchased the treadmill to name a beneficiary (i.e. spouse, child, domestic partner, etc.) on the registration card. This allows the original owner of the treadmill to will the treadmill to a beneficiary with the lifetime warranty remaining intact.

While Landice treadmills are considered a top-tier units, they are priced above the average cost of their competitors’ treadmills. This being said, for individuals that are looking for a top of the line treadmill that can withstand heavy use, last for years and years, provide the latest user options, features and innovations, and is covered by a premium warranty, Landice is definitely worth considering.


  • Industry-Leading Technology
  • High Quality Engineering
  • Industry-Leading Warranty
  • Top-Tier Design & Construction
  • Top of the Line Treadmill
  • Multiple User Features


  • Above Average Pricing

Rating Criteria


Landice utilizes leading edge field-tested technology in all of their treadmill models. Below is a list of several of the technology features included in Landice treadmills:

  • A “softer than grass” variable flex VFX floating deck for maximum shock absorption
  • Heavy duty electric elevation motor system
  • 20” x 58” four ply treadbelt
  • 2 1/2” diameter institutional-grade 14-pound steel rollers
  • 400- to 500-pound user weight capacity (depending on the model)
  • A 1″-thick running deck
  • 15% grade electric elevation
  • Aircraft-grade locking hardware

As is evident, Landice treadmills are constructed using the latest technology and the highest quality materials available. For these reasons, Landice is able to offer their “bumper to bumper” lifetime warranty.


Landice treadmills feature durable,
rust-resistant aluminum frames with strong
suspension and shock absorption. Individuals are
able to choose from several different display consoles including the Executive Trainer, which can hold up to five different user profiles and training schedules. With either 20” x 58” or 22” x 63” running decks, all Landice treadmills offer a wide, long and strong deck that is designed for even the most aggressive of runners. Additional user features and options include:

  • Heavy duty 4.0 hp continuous motors
  • Orthopedic shock absorption system
  • Landice 15″ liquid crystal display (LCD) with side-loading DVD player and a coaxial cable connection to allow for television viewing
  • Landice Walkstation allows users to attach their laptop to the treadmill and surf the internet, respond to email or conduct a conference call while performing a walking routine
  • iPod and MP3 connection ports
  • Reading/Accessory Rack
  • 15% grade electric elevation system
  • Several different high definition display consoles to choose from
  • Multiple pre-set workout programs plus various customizable programs
  • Standard wireless heart rate monitoring system

Landice treadmills include
additional user options and features that are designed to allow the user the ability to customize their treadmill to meet their specific fitness goals and make the experience of exercising more enjoyable.
All of the Landice user options and features have been time-tested and are backed by a solid warranty period.


Landice treadmills are constructed using a
one-inch-thick deck and a 4-ply tread belt system to
improve the durability and life of the deck. In comparison, virtually all other treadmill
manufacturers use a 3/4-inch deck and only a 2-ply
belt system. With an aluminum frame that is stronger and sturdier than comparable steel
frames, Landice treadmills can support users up to
500 pounds in weight while still functioning at peak performance levels.

Institutional-grade steel rollers ensure a long track life in conjunction with the 4 HP continuous
duty motor. In addition, all steel rollers are commercial-grade and designed to last for the lifetime of the treadmill.

Customer Support

Landice offers direct customer support for sales
and technical assistance via email and through local authorized dealers. Customers can contact Landice directly by telephone and email, or use Landice’s
dealer locator, located on their website, to find
a Landice retailer that is geographically located nearby.


Landice offers a unique warranty service. For treadmills installed by an authorized Landice dealer within a 60-mile driving radius of the nearest
dealer’s retail store, Landice offers a “bumper to bumper” lifetime warranty on the frame, treadmill parts and wear items. A one-year service and labor warranty applies as well.

Landice also offers owners a chance to designate a beneficiary for the treadmill. The beneficiary documentation must be filled out on the product registration form and returned to Landice within 30 days of the purchase. By doing so, the original lifetime warranty can be inherited by a successive owner such as a spouse, partner or child.

Parts and Service

Customer service repairs and requests are
provided through Landice’s network of local
authorized dealers. Customers can arrange in-home or in-shop service through any of the company’s local dealers, which can found through the store locator
on Landice’s website. Need a cheap hosting ? We have one for you


Landice currently offers multiple treadmill models that can be customized on either of their two treadmill frames. In addition, Landice
offers options for various consoles, two floating
deck cushion levels, and various accessory features. Landice treadmills typically range
in cost from $ 3,350.00 to $ 7,100.00.

From time to time, Landice offers multiple online discounts via their website. Discounts can be found at the various authorized retail outlets as well. Freight delivery and installation comprises a standard $ 200.00 fee and is included in the total purchase price on Landice’s website. Depending on
the retailer’s location, local sales taxes may apply.


All Landice treadmills are designed using the
latest technology and innovation, the highest quality materials, and the most advanced, state of the art manufacturing principles. The end result is a
treadmill that, for over four decades, has won
countless “top of the line,” “best in class” and “best buy” awards. To this end, all Landice treadmills are constructed using commercial-grade materials and are designed to last for years and years.

The quality of Landice’s treadmills can be witnessed in their “bumper to bumper” lifetime warranty and the fact that their treadmills are utilized within several commercial environments. In addition, all Landice treadmills are designed for heavy use and offer individuals a large array of options that are designed to allow the user to configure their treadmill to meet their specific fitness goals.

While it is true that Landice manufactures one
of the best treadmills available today, they are priced above the average cost when compared to their competitors. Although Landice can justify the cost
of their treadmills, some individuals simply may not be able to afford one. However, for individuals who are looking to purchase a top of the
line treadmill with all the bells and whistles, and can afford the steep purchase price, Landice treadmills are a top choice.

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