Insanity Exercise Program Review


Insanity Exercise Program Review


Quick Overview
  • Difficulty
  • Cost
  • Trial Period
    30 Days

The Insanity fitness program is an
aggressive total body transformation workout routine designed by Beachbody, a company founded by
Product Partners, LLC in 1998. The company
has been the driving force behind several
popular fitness programs including P90X,
Slim in 6, Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme.

For the creation of the Insanity fitness
program, Beachbody teamed up with Shaun T, a
reputable theater and television dancer who
has most recently worked with the company
to produce the Hip Hop Abs, Rockin Body and
Fit Kids Club fitness programs.

Like other Beachbody products, Insanity is
an at-home DVD-based program that includes a
comprehensive selection of workouts designed
to rapidly improve your overall health and fitness. The Insanity fitness program is designed
as an intense exercise routine intended to provide a complete body transformation. More specifically, the
Insanity fitness program focuses on extreme cardiovascular development and endurance,
strength and lean muscle tissue development,
and rapid weight loss.

The Insanity fitness program incorporates
several exercise types into the
overall fitness routine. For instance,
included within the fitness program are cardiovascular exercises, interval training and plyometric training. When combined into an
overall exercise routine, the results are
dramatic and rapid. Overall, the Insanity
fitness program is a solid exercise routine
that is affordably priced and delivers solid
results. Individuals that
are looking for an aggressive exercise
routine that will produce rapid results will be satisfied after purchasing the Insanity fitness program.


  • High Intensity Exercise Program
  • Designed to Achieve a Total Body Transformation
  • Reduces Excess Body Weight and Fat
  • Improves Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Increases Lean Muscle Mass and Strength


  • May be Too Difficult for Beginners
  • Required Intensity Level May Not be for Everyone

Intent of Fitness Program

The Insanity fitness program is intended
as a high level total body workout program.
Like other at-home fitness programs, it
combines cardiovascular exercises with strength training. However,
unlike most other fitness programs, the
Insanity program is designed to be
performed at high intensity to truly
challenge your aerobic and anaerobic

In doing so, the Insanity fitness program
promotes a high level of caloric expenditure
while increasing lean muscle mass development
and improving overall body strength. The
program is designed to be performed by
virtually anyone without severe physical
limitations, and will produce rapid and solid
health and fitness results within a short
period of time, even for those who are at a
less-than-optimal level of physical conditioning.

The Insanity fitness program includes
the following items:

  • Dig Deeper & Fit Test – Beginner
  • Plyometric Cardiovascular Circuit
  • Cardiovascular Power & Resistance
  • Cardiovascular Recovery & Max Recovery Workout
  • Pure Cardiovascular & Abs Workout
  • Cardiovascular Abs Workout
  • Core Cardiovascular & Balance Workout
  • Max Interval Circuit Workout
  • Max Interval Plyometrics Workout
  • Max Cardiovascular Conditioning & Abs
  • Elite Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Guidebook
  • Workout Calendar

Primary Areas Worked

The Insanity fitness program combines cardiovascular, plyometric, strength and resistance exercises into the overall workout
routine, and is designed to promote safe and
effective weight loss, improve cardiovascular endurance, increase lean muscle mass and
strength, and improve coordination, balance and flexibility.

The cardiovascular workouts are designed
as exercise sequences that are intended to
initially elevate your heart rate, and
thereafter keep it elevated to promote a
high caloric expenditure while improving your
overall cardiovascular endurance and
capacity. You will perform exercises such as suicides, scissor runs, wide football
sprints and switch kicks. Additional
exercises include the pedal, which will have
you performing two lunges in between small
sprints, while the suicide jumps will have
you squatting down, jumping back for a push
up and then standing up to do it all over
again. Each sequence of movements is
performed for 1 minute each and is designed
to truly tax your cardiovascular system.

The Cardiovascular Power & Resistance
workout is similar in intensity. This
specific exercise routine will have you
begin with jogging in place before getting
into the more intense exercises. The
exercises include power jacks and log jumps
that will have you overloading your thigh
and abdominal muscles while your
cardiovascular system tries to keep up with
the pace. You will also perform a few other
exercises that are part of the warm up
series, which is rather intense by itself,
before getting into a 20-minute primary
session in which new exercises are performed.
Each exercise series will be performed for
2 minutes each, with 3 total sets. After each
set, the sequence gets faster and more
intense. The intent is to really force your
body to work near its maximum cardiovascular
capacity while overloading all of your major
muscle groups.

The Max Interval Plyometrics exercise
routine combines two exercise components. The
first exercise component incorporates
interval training in which you will be
alternating between high intensity mini
sessions separated by 30-second water breaks.
Each mini session consists of three rounds,
with the pace and intensity being increased
after each round. Within these sessions you
will be performing various plyometric
exercises such as squat push ups, power
jumps and floor hops. The plyometric
exercises are designed to improve your
ability to perform powerful muscular
movements. These types of exercises will
improve your neuromuscular system, resulting
in more rapid contractions, greater
explosive power and better elastic ability.

The second exercise component incorporates cardiovascular training and is designed to
maintain an elevated heart rate, improve cardiovascular endurance, burn a high number
of calories and promote weight loss. Your level of coordination,
balance,and flexibility will be developed as

Program Length/Frequency

Each workout program ranges from 30 to 80
minutes in length. Although the Insanity fitness
program is designed as a high intensity
body transformation fitness program, the
workouts are not as long as with the similar P90X
exercise program. However, each Insanity
workout is designed to challenge your
determination and ability to maintain a high
level of physical intensity over an extended
period of time.

The fitness guide and workout calendar
outline a 2-month schedule that shows exactly
what workout you should perform each day and
how you should progress over the course of
the entire fitness program. The Insanity
fitness program is an at-home DVD-based
fitness program, so it can be performed
whenever you have time.

Effectiveness/Results of the Program

The Insanity fitness program is first and
foremost a high intensity cardiovascular
exercise program. If you perform the
exercise routines at the intended intensity
and adhere to it for the 2-month schedule,
you may be surprised by the positive results. The intensity level
required to perform the Insanity fitness
program is challenging enough to give most
individuals a solid cardiovascular workout
that will lead to significant improvements in cardiovascular capacity. This in turn will
create an environment in which your body is
burning a large number of calories, and produce a reduction in excess body
weight, a lower body fat percentage, and an
overall slimmer and more toned body.

The Insanity fitness program also contains
high tempo plyometrics and body resistance
exercises that will promote gains in lean
muscle mass and strength for all major
muscle groups. If you are not used to
performing body resistance exercises and
explosive jumps, squats and similar exercise movements, you will see even greater results
than are typical for individuals who strength
train on a regular basis.

Equipment/Space Requirements

The Insanity fitness program does not
require any additional equipment, resistance
bands or dumbbells. However, it is best to
purchase a quality exercise mat for the
ground moves. In addition, it is
recommended that you wear clothing that fits
comfortably and that you have plenty of water
nearby, because you will sweat profusely with this program.

You should allow yourself a bit more space
to comfortably perform the Insanity fitness program in comparison to more casual fitness
programs, as you will be performing a
few side-to-side movements that require
a great deal of movement.

Physical Requirements

It is very important that you consult your
medical professional and obtain a physical
check-up before beginning the Insanity
fitness program. The Insanity fitness program
is intense and does involve plyometrics, so it
may be difficult for some individuals to
perform. In addition, the program may be too
difficult for those who are just beginning
an exercise regimen, or for those who are
extremely sedentary and overweight.

Ideally, the Insanity fitness program is
best suited for those who are prepared to work hard,
do not have any chronic ailments,
and want to achieve excellent overall total
body results.


The Insanity fitness program is part of
the Beachbody fitness product line. For this
reason, customer support is excellent and includes the following features:

  • Online FAQ sections
  • 24/7 telephone line
  • Online email customer service
  • Live chat
  • Online message board


The Insanity fitness program costs
$ 119.85, which can be paid over three monthly
payments. An additional $ 24.95 is
required for shipping and handling. For this
price, you will receive 10 well-designed and
thorough workouts that will seriously
challenge your current fitness level.

For individuals that enjoy exercising
at an aggressive level, the Insanity fitness
program is definitely an excellent fit. The only
other item that you may need to purchase is
an exercise mat, if you do not already own
one. Aside from that, the Insanity
fitness program includes everything you will
need to begin your total body transformation,
making it an excellent value for the money.


The Insanity fitness program is exactly as its name implies – an
insane workout routine that is designed for individuals that enjoy pushing their body to
new levels of health and fitness. The
Insanity fitness program is an intense,
comprehensive package that includes 10
individual workouts designed to
tax your cardiovascular system and overload
all the major muscle groups of your body.

Since the Insanity fitness program lives
up to its marketed intensity, it really does
produce amazing results. However, to achieve the maximum health and
fitness benefits, you will have to maintain
a high level of discipline, persistence, and
adherence to the program’s guidelines and

The Insanity fitness program is a well-constructed fitness system that incorporates
several types of exercises
including cardiovascular, plyometrics and
interval training into a single workout
routine. The combination of these three forms
of exercise is ideal for improving
cardiovascular endurance, lean muscle tissue,
overall body strength, explosiveness, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Overall, Insanity is
an excellent fitness program that provides
solid results and is decently priced. To this
end, individuals that are looking for an
aggressive exercise routine that will
challenge their level of fitness, strength,
will power, focus and determination
should definitely consider purchasing the
Insanity fitness program.

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