Fitness Inner Circle Exercise Program Review


Fitness Inner Circle Exercise Program Review


Quick Overview
  • Difficulty
  • Cost
  • Trial Period
    60 Days

Fitness Inner Circle is a strength building and weight loss system introduced by Sean Nalewanyj, the same fitness expert responsible for the Real Deal Body Transformation System and the Muscle
Gain Truth.

Nalewanyj likes to market his products by explaining all of the benefits you’ll receive after completing the programs (more self-confidence, better social life, increased job and academic performance, better sex life). Although some potential users may shy away from his aggressive advertising (and yes, his ego), the fact is that Nalewanyj’s products fulfill their intended purposes.

Unlike most fitness programs, which focus on a few target areas or one aspect of fitness such as cardio, toning or weight lifting, Fitness Inner Circle quite literally covers it all. Fitness Inner Circle is actually a compilation of several different exercise programs, meal plans, training videos and expert advice, all of which are updated frequently and delivered via a subscription-based service. As the subscriber, you can download the materials and mix and match them in accordance with the provided advice in order to create a customized program that’s only ideal for one person: you.

Fitness Inner Circle is divided into
several different areas, each of which
addresses a different fitness concern. The program centers around an interactive, members-only online area in which users can discuss their progress and seek help from other members and a variety of “professors” that Nalewanyj has hired to
assist with the program.


    • Enormous amount of weight loss and strength building programs, meal guides and training tips.
    • Detailed videos explaining the moves.
    • Content updated regularly.
    • Suitable for a wide range of fitness levels, experience levels, age groups and fitness goals.
    • Strong customer support.
    • Simple cancellation and trial period policies.
    • Emphasis on interaction with other users.


    • Requires access to gym equipment.
    • Monthly subscription fee instead of one-time purchase.
    • Abundance of information may be overwhelming for casual fitness seekers.

Intent of Fitness Program

The intent of Fitness Inner Circle is to provide individuals with a complete weight loss and strength building package. The program accomplishes this by offering a huge assortment of digital materials containing various workout programs, meal plans, nutritional advice, video exercise demonstrations and an interactive online community. Dale Nalewanyj and his team have ensured that Fitness Inner Circle will provide real, tangible benefits to fitness seekers and muscle builders of any experience level.

Fitness Inner Circle includes the following features and materials, each of which are categorized according to the roles they play in the overall program:

The Gym

  • Workout Plans: Featuring a variety
    of plans for different strength building and weight loss goals, complete with detailed explanations of exercises to help you maintain the proper
  • Muscle Anatomy Guide: An interactive chart that you can click on to learn more about various muscle groups, their functions and how they relate to the various workouts
  • Exercise Video Database: Including over 100 videos of Nalewanyj performing different weightlifting exercises, complete with commentary regarding proper form and injury prevention

The Cafeteria

  • Meal Plans: Including 25 different meal schedules lasting for 30 days each
  • Meal and Smoothie Recipes:
    Including main courses, side dishes, desserts and snacks that incorporate safe muscle building supplements, all of which are easy to prepare
  • Supplement Reviews: To help you separate worthwhile weight loss and strength training supplements from ones that simply don’t work
  • Nutrition Database: Allowing you to search for different foods according to keywords in order to learn their nutritional content
  • Nutrition Organizers: Including a reference guide, quick-glance chart and daily

The Library

Fitness Inner Circle provides access to high quality health and fitness articles from authoritative sources. These articles cover topics such as:

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Fat Burning
  • Injury Prevention

The Media Building

  • MP3 Audio Show: A series of audio recordings covering topics ranging from accelerating fat loss to making the fastest gains in both muscle mass and density
  • Video Lessons: Which cover topics such as setting up a home gym and preventing injuries, with new videos added on a regular basis)
  • Bodybuilding Podcast: Audio lessons targeted specifically at weight training beginners
  • Audio Q and A: In which Nalewanyj offers answers to the questions he receives via
  • Free Downloads: PDF reports with weight training and weight loss tips from personal

The Quad

  • Expert Interviews: Frequently-updated interviews with various fitness
  • Mind and Motivation: Videos, MP3s and and written articles describing the role of the mind in weight loss and strength
  • Contest Preparation: An e-book to help you prepare for competitive bodybuilding, with advice covering posing, cardio, nutrition and more
  • Tools and Calculators: Including a body measurement graph, goal planner, 12-week progress tracker and printable logbook)
  • Success Stories: Which describe how to best use the program correctly and avoid common mistakes

Fitness Inner Circle also includes an Interactive Zone in which you can interact with other members of the program. This area includes member profiles, video and photo galleries, instant messaging, video chat and discussion forums.

Primary Areas Worked

Fitness Inner Circle is an all-encompassing fitness program that covers fat burning and strength building as they apply to all areas of the body. By mixing and matching the various programs included within Fitness Inner Circle, you can create a customized exercise routine that targets literally any area of the body, whether it’s for weight loss, sculpting, toning or building muscle density and mass. The program is highly flexible, and can help individuals meet virtually any fitness goal, whether it’s dropping a few pounds off of your belly in time for beach season or developing rippling, popping muscles to prepare for a bodybuilding competition. Wood fired hot tubs and outdoor saunas for sale –

Program Length/Frequency

Since Fitness Inner Circle is a subscription-based service, your time with the program isn’t designed to end after a specific number of days. Instead, Nalewanyj intends for subscribers to use the provided information and tools in order to develop permanent exercise routines in line with their fitness goals. The frequency with which you’ll use the exercises described within the program is also entirely dependent on how you choose to use Fitness Inner Circle.

With that said, it’s important to note that Fitness Inner Circle is all about setting goals and accomplishing them in accordance with certain time frames. The assorted meal plans last for 30 days each, and can be used in combination with workout plans of varying length in order to create a fitness program tailored exactly to your needs. As such, some users may feel confused or overwhelmed by Fitness Inner Circle while others will appreciate its diversity and abundance of options.

Effectiveness/Results of the Program

By following the fat burning and strength training advice offered by Fitness Inner Circle along with the meal plans, you can expect to notice both mental and physical differences after only a few days. Most users observe significant progress after 6 to 12 weeks, depending on their initial level of fitness, targeted areas and goals.

Fitness Inner Circle is unique in that it doesn’t guarantee X result after Y period of time. Instead, Sean Nalewanyj and his team understand that a diverse array of individuals, in terms of fitness, experience, dedication, age and more, will pursue the included programs. Since different bodies will respond to the programs differently, the only guarantee is that you’ll experience dramatic, progressive improvements as you continue to utilize the provided information. The overall effectiveness depends on your ability to follow all of the included materials. For example, you’ll only experience some of the program’s benefits if you choose to follow the workout routines but ignore the nutritional advice.

Equipment/Space Requirements

As with Nalewanyj’s other program (Muscle Gain Truth), Fitness Inner Circle is a program that assumes that you have access to gym equipment, making it very different from a typical weight loss and strength training program in which you follow along with a routine on your TV. It’s possible, however, to complete most of the exercises if you own a few basic pieces of home gym equipment. These include, at a minimum:

  • A bench press
  • Adjustable dumbbells
  • Barbell

Fitness Inner Circle stresses the fact that there are advantages to working out at home (privacy, cost, lack of travel time) and in a gym (access to more equipment, fewer distractions, potentially more motivational environment). However, to get the absolute most out of the program, you may find that a gym membership is a worthwhile investment.

In either case, you’ll need some basic fitness equipment such as exercise clothing, water bottles, towels and cross-training shoes. If you wish to focus on the weight loss components of the program, a heart rate monitor can help you to accurately gauge the appropriate intensity of your cardio workouts. Fitness Inner Circle also recommends certain supplements depending on your goals, and you’ll obviously need to pay for these separately.

Physical Requirements

Although Fitness Inner Circle is an advanced strength building and fat loss program that will yield positive results even for experienced weight trainers, the advice given can apply to those of all fitness levels. In fact, Nalewanyj encourages everyone to try the program regardless of age and experience. However, he wisely recommends that individuals consult their doctors before starting the routines, especially if they’ve been diagnosed with a health condition such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.

A large portion of Fitness Inner Circle is devoted to nutritional information, leading vegetarians and others with restricted diets to ask whether the program is possible without eating meat. By making a few suggested modifications to the included meal plans, it’s possible for vegetarians and vegans to reap enormous benefits from the program and pursue their intended goals of building muscle and burning fat.


Fitness Inner Circle handles customer support primarily via email. If you encounter a technical issue with the program, or if you have questions about its content, you can send Sean Nalewanyj and his team of personal trainers an email message, to which they’ll respond within a few hours.


The Fitness Inner Circle strength building and weight loss program can be purchased for monthly payments of $14.95 with automatic billing. This gives you access to the Fitness Inner Circle interactive online area, as well as all of the digital materials that come standard with the package. You can pay for Fitness Inner Circle through a variety of banking methods, including Visa, American Express, MasterCard and PayPal.

Currently, Fitness Inner Circle is offering a promotion in which you can gain access to the members area of the site (the same area that would open up with a regular subscription) for $4.95. By paying this processing fee, you’ll have complete access to Fitness Inner Circle for one month.

If you decide to purchase a subscription and later determine that you’d like to back out of the program, you can do so and receive a full refund by taking advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee. Since all of the materials are transferred digitally, this is a true 100% refund in which you won’t lose any money to shipping and handling fees. You can also cancel your subscription after the trial period with a single email.


Overall, Fitness Inner Circle is a worthwhile investment for those who want to get serious about total body fitness and are willing to pay for it. At a cost of $14.95 per month (that’s $179.40 per year), it would be difficult to argue that Fitness Inner Circle is cheap. However, it’s still an excellent value considering the sheer volume of content included with the package. At the same time, all of the contents are digital, and you’ll need to consider the fact that investing in a gym membership (or putting together a fairly comprehensive home gym) is the only real way to get the most out of Fitness Inner Circle.

In order to determine whether Fitness Inner Circle is right for you, ask yourself a question: Do you have a specific and narrow fitness goal in mind, such as improving your cardiovascular health or toning your buttocks and thighs? Or are you more interested in achieving total body fitness that includes weight loss, strength building, toning, cardio and more? If the latter option best describes your scenario, then Fitness Inner Circle is worth its 60 day trial at the absolute least.

The most efficient way to purchase Fitness Inner Circle is to purchase the first month for $4.95 followed by a regular subscription. In this way, you’ll risk less than $5 for 3 full months of service, which should me more than enough time to determine whether you’d like to continue with the program.

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