Bowflex Strength Training Equipment Review


Bowflex Strength Training Equipment Review


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Bowflex is perhaps the best known name within
the home gym fitness industry. For strength and weight resistance training, few stand alone
machines compare with the power, flexibility, ease of use, and versatility of the Bowflex home gym.

As experts in strength training home gym technology, Bowflex has been a consistent leader
in developing and expanding the functionality and capability of at-home strength training equipment that is well designed and suited for both men and women, the “regular” fitness individual, and the serious athlete as well.

Bowflex has been in business for over 20 years
and has sold well over 1.5 million Bowflex
strength training systems. Currently, Bowflex
offers several at-home strength training models.
In addition, Bowflex has expanded their fitness equipment portfolio to include their patented Treadclimber series of treadmills and their SelectTech series of dumbbells.

Bowflex home gyms can be divided into two technologies: patented Power Rod technology and patented SpiralFlex technology. Power Rod technology is Bowflex’s signature strength training technology, and has been available since the inception of the company. Bowflex offers several models of strength training home gyms that utilize the Power Rod technology. The Power Rod systems are designed to provide a total body strength workout, and even include a rowing station to allow for a cardiovascular workout as well.

All Bowflex strength training home gyms are compact and designed to be space-efficient. In addition, Bowflex strength training home gyms
are well constructed, designed for light to moderate use, and are priced at an average cost when compared to thier competitors.


  • Proven Design and Technology
  • Effective for Building Lean Muscle
  • Several Models to Choose From
  • Variety of Optional Features


  • Below Average Warranty

Rating Criteria


Bowflex places a high level of emphasis on research, design, and construction to produce a strength training system that is ideal for home use. For example, Bowflex offers two patented approaches
to strength training: Power Rod and SpiraFlex. The Power Rod technology is their core technology, and provides a smooth level of resistance throughout the range of motion for each exercise. The SpiralFlex technology is designed to simulate strength training with free weights.

Both the SpiraFlex resistance technology and Power Rod resistance technology offer the benefits
of targeted muscle and core strengthening through
a variety of exercises and attachments. Several of the attachments are included with the purchase of
the Bowflex home gym, while others can be purchased at an additional cost.

Several of the Bowflex strength training home gyms include a rowing station to allow for a cardiovascular workout as well. A set of SelectTech dumbbells can be purchased to add even greater diversity to a strength training routine.


The features of a Bowflex strength training home gym include standard and optional attachments to
exercise the muscle groups associated with the upper body, lower body, abdomen and back. Below is a list of several features included with the Bowflex strength training home gym:

  • Standard weight resistance from 210 to 310 pounds, with expansions up to 410 pounds
  • From over 30 to over 100 available exercises,
    with up to 400 variations
  • Cable pulley system
  • Aerobic rowing, depending on the model
  • Attachment options include a leg station, a
    squat station, an abs station, a lat tower
    and preacher curl station
  • Home fitness DVDs offer fitness trainer instruction for in-home workouts
  • Four-position towers
  • Five-way hand grip system
  • Ergonomically-adjustable seats for added user comfort
  • Multiple pulley and cable positions for workout variety and various resistance angles

Depending on the model, Bowflex offers strength training systems that are foldable, allowing for easy storage. All Bowflex strength training systems are space-efficient.


Lightweight interlocking plates and a cam system that is both space-efficient and extremely sturdy undergird the Bowflex home gyms. Freedom arms and free-weight simulation are some of the best developments in home fitness.

As well as being compact, Bowflex strength training home gyms are durable, light-commercial-grade quality machines that are backed by a reasonable warranty. However, it should be noted that the warranty offered by Bowflex on all of their strength training home gyms is below the average warranty for a comparable system manufactured by one of their competitors.

Customer Support

Customer service is available directly from
Bowflex via knowledgeable representatives by phone and email, Monday through Friday. Additional
technical resources including owners manuals, assembly instructions, assembly videos and troubleshooting
videos are accessible through the Bowflex Customer
Service website.


Bowflex strength training home gyms are warrantied against any defects in material and/or workmanship. More specifically, the Power Rod strength training
home gyms include a lifetime warranty on the Power Rods themselves, and either a 5-, 7- or 12-year warranty on the rest of the machine.

The SpiraFlex strength training home gym includes a 10-year warranty on the entire system. All
warranties for all Bowflex models apply only to the original purchaser. All Bowflex models
are only warrantied for non-commercial use.

Parts and Service

For warranty service or repairs, the Bowflex customer service department can be called directly,
or requests can be submitted via email. Replacement parts such as handgrips and snaphooks can be ordered online at the Bowflex website.


The price points across all models of the Bowflex strength training home gym line range from approximately $ 649.00 to $ 2,999.00. In addition,
the support equipment that can be added to each of the Bowflex home gyms typically range from $ 14.99 to $ 199.00.

SelectTech dumbbells typically range from $ 399.00 to $ 599.00 in cost. Support equipment designed to be used with the SeletTech dumbbells
ranges in cost from $ 99.00 to $ 249.00.


Bowflex thoroughly understands fitness equipment, and maintains a solid design concept that is used in the manufacturing
of all models of their strength training equipment.
The various Bowflex strength training home gyms
offer a compact, versatile and sturdy option for those choosing a strength training gym.

Bowflex has continued to push the technological
envelope in terms of the latest concepts in strength training. Bowflex home gyms are expertly designed and constructed using quality materials. To this end,
the Bowflex strength training home gyms are ideal for individuals that are looking to strength train on a light to moderate schedule.

The Bowflex strength training systems are smartly engineered from an ergonometric perspective and do not place a large amount of stress on the various joints. Bowflex strength training home gyms create a solid value for the price. In addition, Bowflex home gyms are well suited for individuals that are looking for a home gym that is compact, easy to transition from exercise to exercise, and will produce results in terms of increasing lean muscle tissue and overall strength.

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