Body-Solid Strength Training Equipment Review


Body-Solid Strength Training Equipment Review


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Body Solid, founded in 1981, is a large-scale manufacturer of strength training and cardiovascular fitness equipment. While Body Solid manufactures a
large variety of exercise equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines, their primarily focus has always been to manufacture leading-edge, high quality commercial and at-home strength training equipment.

Body Solid has consistently been recognized as a
top-tier manufacturer of weight training equipment.
In fact, Body Solid has received several “Best Buy”
recommendations over the past decade from leading fitness publications.

There are
several reasons for their success within the
strength training market, including the use of
leading-edge technology, sound material choices and construction principles, and an industry-leading warranty.

Body Solid currently offers three seperate lines of strength training equipment: Body Solid, PowerLine and Best Fitness. The Body Solid line of strength training equipment is their most technologically advanced line, and is constructed using commercial-grade materials. Body Solid offers a full line of strength training equipment including home gyms, multi-use power racks, Smith machines, free weight leverage systems and strength training machines that target individual muscle groups. In addition, Body Solid offers a full line of weight benches, racks, olympic plates, dumbbells,
and a variety of exercise bars.

In fact, Body Solid probably offers the most complete and comprehensive line of strength training equipment in the industry. All Body Solid strength training equipment is competitively priced and includes an industry-leading lifetime warranty.


  • Excellent Design and Quality
  • Extensive Number of Features
  • Industry-Leading Lifetime Warranty


  • Slightly Confusing Assembly

Rating Criteria


Body Solid offers an extensive line of in-home
gyms, equipment systems and accessories for strength training. For example, the Body Solid EXM3000LPS multi-station gym is an efficiently designed system that combines several exercise stations into a single machine that is compact and requires only a modest footprint to house. The EXM3000LPS multi-station gym includes the Body Solid Perfect Pec system, which allows the user six incremental settings to exercise the pectoral and rear deltoid muscles from varying angles. In addition, the compact design combines a dual 210-pound weight stack, a lat pull down station, a seated row station, an abdominal crunch station, a leg curl station and a leg press station.

Body Solid offers several additional multi-station gyms that are designed to fit virtually every budget, space requirement and personal fitness goal. In addition to the various multi-station gyms, Body Solid offers a full line of individual strength training machines that are designed to target specific muscles groups and are ideal for individuals who have a larger space. Body Solid strength training machines are also ideal for commercial use.

Body Solid also offers a full line of olympic plates, dumbbells, racks, weight benches, Smith machines, functional trainers and bars. In addition, virtually all of their equipment includes a lifetime warranty on the frame, pads, pulleys and cables.


All Body Solid strength training equipment is designed and manufactured using DuraFirm pads in
order to provide a seat thickness that is both
durable and comfortable. Nylon bushings and heavy duty airline-tested cables are used on all pulley systems in order to reduce noise and create a smooth
resistance throughout the range of motion.

The Body Solid EXM3000LPS gym is designed with
enough individual workout stations to accommodate three individuals users simultaneously. Most of the Body Solid
gyms typically include a variety of accessories such as a lat bar, a low row bar, utility straps and triceps straps to assist you in targeting virtually all muscle groups effectively.


One of Body Solid’s most attractive features is
their lifetime warranty. The Body Solid lifetime warranty includes the frame, pads, pulleys and cables – in effect, the entire system. This is a testament to their commitment to quality and their overall design and manufacturing process.

In addition, Body Solid utilizes the same
components and sound design philosophies across both their residential and commercial lines of strength training equipment. Their frames are extremely durable, as are their seats, padding and wear components. This level of quality can be found across their entire line of strength training equipment, from the under $ 1,000.00 gym systems all the way to their over $ 4,000.00 multi-station systems. This being said, Body Solid offers some of the best strength training equipment available today.

Customer Support

Body Solid offers sales and technical support
through their customer support department, which includes both email and phone options. In addition, the Body Solid website offers their users the ability to search for the nearest Body Solid authorized dealer. Support is provided through their dealer network, and timelines for service are dependent upon your geographical location.


All Body Solid strength training equipment includes an in-home lifetime warranty on virtually every componet of the system, including pads, pulleys,
cables and the frame. The only items that do not include a lifetime warranty are the paint and finish.

The lifetime warranty applies to strength training systems that are used in a non-commercial evironment. In addition, the lifetime warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the equipment and is non-transferable.

Parts and Service

To obtain Body Solid strength training equipment parts or service under warranty, individuals will need to receive authorization from either Body Solid or their local dealer. The individual may be responsible for paying any shipping fees associated with receiving the replacement parts.

In addition, improper set-up and assembly may void the warranty. For individuals that are not mechanically inclined, professional assembly and installation may be advised. This being said, Body Solid, as well as their local dealers, offer professional installation.


In general, Body Solid strength training
home gyms range from under $ 1,000.00 to over $ 4,000.00. In terms of the support equipment (i.e. collars, weigth benches, bars, etc.) offered by Body Solid, prices can range from approximately $ 6.00 to
a few hundred dollars.

All Body Solid strength training equipment is reasonably priced and falls within the average price range of their competition. In addition, Body
Solid strength training equipment typically holds its value when sold within the used equipment market.


Body Solid has become one of the most respectable manufacturers in the fitness equipment market, particularly within the strength training equipment arena. Body Solid is known for manufacturing well-designed strength training equipment that is built with a high level of quality. In addition, all Body Solid strength training equipment is ergonomically designed to minimize the stress that is placed on your various joints.

Body Solid offers one of the most comprehensive lines of strength training systems available today. Not only does Body Solid offer a full line of multi-station gyms, but a full line of separate machines that target individual muscle groups, olympic plates, dumbbells, bars and weight benches, to name a few. Our most important goal are healthy indian sildenafil satisfied customers from all over the world.

Body Solid offers strength training equipment that is solidly constructed, manufactured with a careful attention to detail, and designed for light to heavy use. To this end, Body Solid offers a wide range of strength training equipment that allows individuals a high level of flexibility in constructing a home gym that is tailored to their personal fitness goals.

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