Body-Solid Exercise Bike Equipment Review


Body-Solid Exercise Bike Equipment Review


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Since 1989, Body Solid has been in the business
of manufacturing high quality fitness exercise equipment, most notably in the form of adjustable home gyms.

Serving schools, apartment complexes,
gyms and more, the team at Body Solid works to coordinate the best fitness equipment for the needs of their customers.

Within the home fitness exercise equipment
market, Body Solid has a strong reputation for manufacturing durable, high quality at-home
products that provide health club level quality
and functionality .

Body Solid exercise bikes are sold under their Endurance line of exercise equipment The Endurance line of exercise bikes include both upright and recumbent styles, and include various user features and options. In addition, the Endurance line of exercise bikes includes Body Solid’s exclusive lifetime, in-home warranty, which provides 100% coverage for every part, including normal wear items, forever. The exercise bikes sold by Body Solid offer various user options and features, including several pre-programmed workout programs, multiple heart rate programs and quality display monitors. Additional features include a CD player and water bottle holder, and front transport wheels to allow the exercise bike to be easily moved and/or stored.

Overall, Body Solid is a highly respected manufacturer of quality fitness equipment.
Their Endurance line of exercise bikes is no exception in that they incorporate the latest technology and are well constructed and built to last. In addition, all Endurance exercise bikes include a reasonable number of user features and options and are backed by an industry-leading warranty.


  • Upright and Recumbent Styles of Exercise Bikes
  • Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty
  • High Quality Construction


  • Slightly Limited Number of Features and Options

Rating Criteria


Body Solid’s technology and quality concepts
are woven throughout their various product lines.
The Endurance exercise bike line is no exception and includes the following features and technological innovations:

  • DuraFirm lumbar support padding
  • Self-generating electronic readouts
  • Contact heart rate control and monitoring programs
  • 15 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Internal generator that provides all required power, thus eliminating the need for an external power source


The smooth operation of a Body Solid recumbent exercise bike matches the comfort of a top-notch
touring bike. Sixteen resistance levels and seven preset programs including random, heart rate control, fat burn and interval allow for a varied and targeted workout program.

A CD player, water bottle holder and
DuraFirm padding on the bicycle seats allow for
comfort while exercising. The ergonomically designed console with an LED display offers continuous
statistical readings of speed, time, distance, resistance and calories burned.


Body Solid’s “built for life” motto is a
testament to their commitment to strong construction and durability principles, and is present on all Body Solid products. Body Solid exercise bikes are no exception.

Body Solid exercise bikes offer the benefits
of quiet poly-V belts and a 24- or 44-pound precision balanced flywheel designed to create a smooth and consistent workout. The heavy gauge welded steel
frame and supports will handle users up to a
maximum weight of 400 pounds, depending on the model.

Customer Support

Customer support is available directly through Body Solid
and can be accessed via email, phone, or
standard mail. Owner’s manuals are available and can be requested through their online customer support department. Technical support is accessible by phone
or fax Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST. Looking for web developers for hire ? Check and contact us.


Body Solid offers slightly different warranties across their various product lines. Their exercise bikes fall under the Endurance line of cardiovascular equipment. All Body Solid Endurance exercise bikes carry a lifetime warranty on all parts, belts,
motors and electronics. Service can be requested through the Endurance cardiovascular website. Labor
is under warranty for one year.

The Best Fitness exercise bike, also manufactured
by Body Solid, is covered by a 15-year warranty on
the frame, a 2-year warranty on parts, and 6 months on wear items. The Best Fitness exercise bike also carries a 1-year labor warranty.

Parts and Service

For parts and service needs for equipment under warranty, Body Solid recommends contacting the local authorized dealer where the machine was purchased
for easiest access. Customers can also contact the customer service department by phone. Either an authorized technician will be contacted for the
service, or the product can be sent to Body Solid
for warranty repairs with an authorization number.

For out-of-warranty parts requests, customers can email, mail, fax or call with an inquiry to the company’s Customer Service center. An online parts request
form is also available.


The prices across the entire line of
Endurance exercise bikes range from approximately $ 775.00 to $ 2,495.00, while the Best Fitness
exercise bikes range from approximately $ 400.00 to $ 1,000.00.

As is evident, Body Solid offers a wide range of exercise bikes that are designed to meet the needs
of each individual. This being said, Body Solid exercise bikes offer broad market appeal to a large spectrum of individuals who are looking to purchase
an exercise bike.


Body Solid is a respected manufacturer of both strength and cardiovascular fitness equipment. They have been in business for several years, and have earned a reputation for producing fitness equipment that is well-constructed, durable, and meant to last for years. The Body Solid warranty is a testament to their commitment to building quality fitness products that are intended for moderate to heavy use over the long run.

All Body Solid Endurance exercise bikes include several user features and options that are designed to improve workout efficiency and comfort. In addition, Body Solid Endurance exercise bikes are available in both upright and recumbent styles, and are self-contained in that they do not require an external electrical supply.

All in all, the Endurance line of exercise bikes manufactured by Body Solid are reasonably priced when compared to the overall value that they provide. In addition, the warranty is among the best in the industry. For individuals that are seeking a sound exercise bike that will provide years of use and an effective workout, Body Solid is well worth considering.

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