roasted red pepper turkey subs
  • (4 medium) sweet red peppers
  • (1/2 cup) fat-free mayonnaise
  • (2 Tbsp.) fresh basil, minced
  • (1 Tbsp.) fresh parsley, minced
  • (1 Tbsp.) fresh tarragon, minced
  • (2 loaves) French bread, halved lengthwise
  • (2 cups) fresh baby spinach
  • (2 cups) cucumbers, thinly sliced
  • (2 cups) alfalfa sprouts
  • (4 medium) tomatoes, sliced
  • (2 medium) ripe avocados, peeled and sliced
  • (3/4 lb.) deli turkey, thinly sliced
  • (6 slices) reduced-fat Swiss cheese, halved



Roasted Red Pepper Turkey Subs

A deli turkey and Swiss sandwich with roasted red peppers, spinach, cucumbers, sprouts and avocado.

Preparation Time

About 10 minutes

Cook Time

About 20 minutes


  1. 1With oven rack in top position, preheat oven to broil. Broil peppers for 5 minutes, or until skins blister. Rotate peppers a quarter turn, continue to broil and rotate until all sides are blackened.
  2. 2Transfer to a large bowl, cover and set aside 15-20 minutes.
  3. 3Meanwhile, mix together mayonnaise, basil, parsley and tarragon. Top each bread bottom evenly with mayonnaise, spinach, cucumbers and sprouts.
  4. 4When cooled, skin, stem and seed peppers. Cut them into thin slices and place divide them evenly between the sandwiches. Top with tomatoes avocados, turkey and cheese.
  5. 5Sandwich with bread tops, cut and serve.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 slice

Amount Per Serving:

  • Calories 357
  • Total Fat 9 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 53 g
  • Protein 20 g
  • Cholesterol 19 mg
  • Sodium 894 mg
  • Fiber 6 g

Additional Information

Recipe Category: Lunch

Recipe Subcategory: Sandwiches and Burgers

Recipe Ethnicity: N/A

Dietetic Info:

  • Glycemic Index:
  • Gluten Free: No

Vegetarian/Allergen Info: Contains Poultry, Eggs, Dairy

NOTE: Glycemic Index Scale: Low=0-55, Medium=56-69, High=70 or greater.