Dislocated Knee Cap

Dislocated Knee Cap

Description Of The Injury: The knee cap, also known as the patella, is a triangle shaped bone that covers the knee. A dislocated kneecap usually occurs due to a blunt traumatic impact or due to a sudden forceful twisting motion that places the knee under considerable stress.

Injury Symptoms: The dislocation may be visible with the kneecap being noticeably out of place. One may also use their hands to manually move it around. The area may be tender and swollen and pain may arise when attempting to flex or extend at the knee

Additional Information

Home Treatments:

Initial home treatment will involve immobilizing the affected leg by keeing it extended straight. This can be maintained with the help of a splint until medical attention is sought. Ice on the swollen area and common non steroidal anti inflammatory medication will help reduce the inflammation and pain.

Professional Medical Treatments:

A doctor may use a cortisone injection to help reduce the inflammation of the area. An inspection will be made to make sure the injury is not accompanied by cartilage or other bone damage. A splint will be recommended for 3-4 weeks, in order to promote proper and stable healing. This is usually followed by exercises that help regain general mobility.

Physical Therapy and Exercises:

Stretches and exercises will be necessary to regain normal function of the knee joint. Exercises may start out in a laying down position such as: Quad contraction using a towel under the Achilles tendon, then pressing down on the towel, which will straighten the leg and slightly lift the knee and thigh. Similarly, the standing leg raise can also be done in a laying down position.

Exercise Techniques to Prevent Injury:

In order to prevent this injury, general knee strength should be properly maintained. This includes stretches and exercises such as the wall slide, the standing quad stretch, the glute set, the leg press and the leg curl. This will help reduce the stress placed on the knee cap area when performing strenuous physical activity. Seul certaine forme de exaltation sexuelle orient nécessaire d’autre part qu’une érection se produise avec Levitra. Levitra en ligne nenni doit enjambée être pris davantage d’une fois chez jour. Levitra peut être pris avec ou bien à l’exclusion de nourriture.

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