Colles Wrist Fracture

Colles Wrist Fracture

Description Of The Injury: A Colles’ wrist fracture is a break across the radius bone of the forearm. They generally occur in falls, as the person places their hands to help break the fall. This places a great force on radius and ulna which buckle right above the wrist on the forearm. They are most commonly occur in children and the elderly due to non-optimal bone health in both populations.

Injury Symptoms: One should look for swelling and deformity on the arm just above the wrist. Pain of the wrist, particularly when flexing, extending or rotating the wrist is another common sign of Colles’ wrist fracture.

Additional Information

Home Treatments:

Initial treatment of a Colles’ wrist fracture includes resting the affected arm and using ice packs on it for the first several days, 20 minutes at a time. Bandaging the injured area and elevating it above chest level will aid in the reduction of swelling. Usually, professional treatment is required for complete recovery.

Professional Medical Treatments:

A doctor will be able to confirm whether the injury is a Colles’ wrist fracture via x-rays. A split or cast may be used to keep the arm in place and promote healing. Surgery to set the break, which may include the placement of pins or screws might be needed.

Physical Therapy and Exercises:

Wrist flexion and extension exercises, as well as general range of motion techniques can be used to fully recover from this injury. These exercises can be done in warm water, to reduce the inflammation and impact on the affected area. Towel squeezing, using therapeutic putty, and finger and grip strengtheners can also be used to regain conventional strength.

Exercise Techniques to Prevent Injury:

Colles’ wrist fracture generally occurs from an acute impact generally from a fall. Therefore, prevention is more based on general precaution rather than exercise technique. Maintaining strong forearm strength, and having adequate amount of calcium in your dietary intake will help.

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