Burners and Stingers of the Neck

Burners and Stingers of the Neck

Description Of The Injury: Burners and stingers of the neck, feel exactly as they are described. They usually subside quickly and are caused by compression or pinching of the brachial plexus nerves that go from the back of the neck to the lateral front of the chest and then into the arm. They usually occur from an acute impact, as as an improper tackle in a contact sport, or from a sudden twisting motion of the neck.

Injury Symptoms: The classic symptom of a neck stinger is acute and intense pain radiating from the neck that may also occur near the shoulder or clavicle area. The pain will occur in on one side of the body but never both sides simultaneously.

Additional Information

Home Treatments:

Conservative treatment of a neck stinger involves resting the neck and shoulder are until the symptoms are gone. An ice pack can be administered to the area for 20 minutes at a time, or a non steroidal anti inflammatory medication can be used to help alleviate the pain and inflammation. Gently massaging the affected area may also be of benefit.

Professional Medical Treatments:

Neck stingers that re-occur or last for an hour or more will need professional advise as this is usually an indicator of a more serious neck injury or nerve damage. Advanced medical treatment will depend on the what the underlying problem is and will thus vary.

Physical Therapy and Exercises:

Rehabilitation from a neck stinger may not be needed unless the problem is chronic. The neck muscles will be targeted by performing resistance range of motion exercises. These involve placing both hands on the head as a form of resistance and moving the neck through the entire range of motion, rotation, flexion, extension and tilting while gradually resisting the motion with your hands.

Exercise Techniques to Prevent Injury:

Stingers may be difficult to prevent, as they be due to poor mechanics or technique. However, neck strength should be maintained to help prevent this injury. This can be done with the aforementioned exercises that can also be performed with a resistance plate as an advanced workout. This will involve lying face up then flexing and extending the neck while holding the resistance plate on the neck with both hands. Shoulder shrugs and standing rows can also be performed with weights to improve the area’s strength.

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