Abrasions and Road Rash

Abrasions and Road Rash

Description Of The Injury: Abrasions are common sports injuries that occur when you fall or scrape your body onto a hard surface. As the person falls or slides on the ground, layers of the skin are removed from the scraping. Road rash is the term used by bikers when they fall off their bikes and get scrapes from the ground. Skin abrasions or road rash, as many cyclists call it, occurs when friction causes damage to the several layers that make up the skin. Depending on severity, abrasions can cause damage to nerves and blood vessels.

Injury Symptoms: Pain is a major symptom of abrasions and road rash. Redness and irritation of the affected tissues are almost certain to be present as well. However, there can also be minor blood loss from these injuries, but no pain because of the exposure of the nerves.

Additional Information

Home Treatments:

It is recommended that the affected area be cleaned thoroughly with soap and warm water. After the skin is cleaned, it should be treated with an antibiotic ointment and dressed with a semi-permeable bandage. The abrasion may need to be forcibly irrigated to clean out dirt and other debris. Pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medicine like naproxin or aspirin can also help with the pain.

Professional Medical Treatments:

Severe abrasions may require stitches to close the wound, as well as a tetanus shot if the surface that caused the damage was potentially contaminated.

Physical Therapy and Exercises:

No exercises exist that can help to heal or treat abrasions and road rash because the damage is to the skin rather than muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

Exercise Techniques to Prevent Injury:

The best course of prevention for these types of injuries is to wear protective clothing or padding over areas that are commonly afflicted with abrasions. 4k movies download hi-4k.com format mkv.

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