Mens/Womens Katch McArdle BMR Calculator (Metric)

Mens/Womens Katch McArdle BMR Calculator (Metric)


  1. 1Enter your lean body mass in kilos
  2. 2Enter your activity level
  3. 3View your calculated Total Daily Energy Expenditure Value (TDEE) – the average number of calories your body burns per day

Note: To calculate your lean body mass, multiply your weight (kg) by your body fat percentage, then subtract that number from your weight.

Example: Female weighs 54.5 kilos with body fat percentage of 20% (10.9 lbs), so lean body mass is 54.5 – 10.9 = 43.6 kg.

Lean Body Mass (kg):
Sedentary – Little/No Exercise
Light – 1 to 3 Days/Week)
Moderate – 3 to 5 Days/Week)
Heavy – 6 to 7 Days/Week)
Extreme – 2X Training/Day)

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