Squats w/Elastic Band

Exercise Tips

  • Imagine sitting in a chair while doing this, bring your butt down, and keep your back straight

Squats w/Elastic Band

This exercise targets your hips and thighs and provides a moderate cardio benefit.

Muscle Group

Hips, Thighs


2 Days a Week to
3 Days a Week


Elastic Band

Cardiovascular Benefit


Muscle Group: Hips, Thighs

Equipment: Elastic Band

Minimum Frequency: 2 Days a Week

Maximum Frequency: 3 Days a Week

Cardiovascular Benefit: Moderate

Exercise Category: Portable Elastic Band Exercises – Hips/Thighs

Starting Position: Stand on your elastic band with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Hold the handles of your exercise band with an overhand grip and place your hands right next to your shoulders, elbows bent by your sides. Make sure the bands stay behind your arms.

  1. 1 Exhaling, slowly squat down keeping your back as straight as possible. Do not lean forward and be sure to keep your knees over your ankles and your heels on the ground. Keep your arms in the same position the entire time.
  2. 2 Inhaling, quickly return back to starting position.
  3. 3 Repeat this exercise until you have completed all repetitions for the set.

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