Snatch With One Arm

Exercise Tips

  • This is an advanced exercise- it takes practice to control the kettlebell so it does not slam down on the back of your hand
  • Keep your back flat, do not lean forward in the squat

Snatch With One Arm

This exercise targets your rear shoulders and provides a moderate to high cardio benefit. It also works your legs and back.

Muscle Group

Posterior Deltoids (Rear Shoulders), Legs, Back


1 Day a Week to
3 Days a Week



Cardiovascular Benefit

Moderate to High

Muscle Group: Posterior Deltoids (Rear Shoulders), Legs, Back

Equipment: Kettlebell

Minimum Frequency: 1 Day a Week

Maximum Frequency: 3 Days a Week

Cardiovascular Benefit: Moderate to High

Exercise Category: Kettlebell Shoulders

Starting Position: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Hold a kettlebell by the handle with your right hand, palm facing in. Bend your knees and squat down like you are going to sit on a chair, resting the kettlebell on the ground between your feet. Hang your other arm straight down at your side.

  1. 1 Exhale and drive up to a standing position, while simultaneously lifting your elbow straight up, bringing the the kettlebell past your shoulder and above your head. When passing your shoulder, loosen your grip slightly on the kettlebell, allowing it to swing behind your hand, then tighten your grip.
  2. 2 Inhale and slowly return to starting position.
  3. 3 Repeat this exercise until you have completed all repetitions for the set, then switch sides and repeat.

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