Kneeling Cable Extensions

Exercise Tips

  • Great solo exercise- no spotter required
  • Keep your elbows tucked in to maximize the use of your triceps

Kneeling Cable Extensions

This exercise targets your triceps and provides a low cardio benefit.

Muscle Group



2 Days a Week to
3 Days a Week


Flat Bench, Cable Pulley Machine, Straight Bar Attachment

Cardiovascular Benefit


Muscle Group: Triceps

Equipment: Flat Bench, Cable Pulley Machine, Straight Bar Attachment

Minimum Frequency: 2 Days a Week

Maximum Frequency: 3 Days a Week

Cardiovascular Benefit: Low

Exercise Category: Triceps

Starting Position: Position a flat bench horizontally in front of a cable machine leaving enough room to kneel down behind it. Kneel down on both knees behind the bench with your back to the machine. Reach behind you and grab the straight bar with both hands with an overhand grip, then lean forward and rest your elbows on the middle of the bench. Keep your elbows bent so your forearms are pointing straight up.

  1. 1 Exhaling, slowly extend your arms outward away from your body until they are straight and parallel with the floor.
  2. 2 Inhale and slowly retract to starting position.
  3. 3Repeat this exercise until you have completed all repetitions for the set.

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